Importance Of Personal Reflection

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To begin I introduced the learning intentions at the start of the lesson. Students were extremely responsive to this. Tim commented that chemistry was less ambiguous as he knew what the purpose was and what each class’ purpose was (Appendix P). Tim preferred when learning intentions were introduced at the beginning encouraging him to engage as he saw its purpose and how it connected with his life. For Mark, it gave him a purpose and he could understand the importance of each lesson (Appendix P). John enjoyed when learning intentions were discussed in the conclusion as it was an individual interpretation of what was important in the lesson (Appendix P). With all three students, I observed a greater level of engagement in class, especially during discussion around the learning intention. It allowed the lessons to look more closely at real-life context, which I think is extremely important, and this class discussions led. Utilising a sheet with learning intentions, students wrote what they knew at the start of the lesson and what they knew at the end (Appendix Q). This was an extremely valuable piece of formative assessment as it gave a direction for my next lesson, depending on what the students had learnt, and where there were still areas that could be covered in more depth. The class were more engaged in the learning and had more enjoyment and focus during lessons where the expectations of their learning were discussed. Students know their expectations and the purpose of

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