Personal Reflection

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When it comes to a person’s characteristics, preferences, and beliefs it can be hard to make the distinction between the three. Not only that, but when asked a simple question: “What are some of your defining characteristics?” It’s so easy to just draw a blank. It may not even be that you don’t want to brag, it’s hard to talk about things like that on the spot. Almost as if you were asked, “What’s your favorite movie and you’ve suddenly forgotten every movie you’ve ever seen. In other words, self reflection is difficult. Namely, making a distinction between the different aspects that make up who you are as a person. However, when asked about some of my defining characteristics I would say what makes me stand out is my personality and intelligence. I don’t necessarily have any skills like doing a backflip, or being able to juggle, or anything like that. But I do have a quick wit and a sharp tongue at times, which I’ve learned to embrace. A lot of people think I’m funny, although I find myself laughing at my jokes harder than anyone else so I’d say that’s a characteristic I have as well. I also have an uncanny ability to be able to “read” people and empathize with them extremely well. I’m incredibly observant and pick up on the smallest things. I’ve even been called an empath on numerous occasions. More than anything this is what most defines who I am. Sometimes I pretend not to care as much as I do for fear of getting hurt, which my closest friends know about me.

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