Importance Of Prisons In Prison

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On the 17th of June 2016, the prison population of the England and wales was 84,405 and since the 1990s it has risen by an overwhelming 92%! But why? Prisoners often pass golden opportunities to escape because they would actually rather be locked up than on the outside. This then gives us the question is the UK justice system too lenient?
Prison sentences are given to punish offenders, to ensure that they are doing something to make up for their crime against society and reduce the risk of them reoffending. But is that really the case when reoffending rates are higher than ever and prisoners are getting luxury items inside the jail? Nowadays, offenders are allowed TVs & Xboxes, they earn £12 per week for getting taught the basics and in some prisons, offenders are even allowed to have pet birds! Personally I think that this is beyond a joke. People who have hurt innocent people are being sent to a place where they can be getting more luxuries than they had before they went in. this is not okay and it needs to be stopped. 84,405 criminals are serving their time sitting on Xboxes, watching their favourite programme while being served hot food that many wouldn’t have received before going to prison.
We go to school 5 days a week, 6 hours a day and we get no pay. Criminals who have killed, stolen, abused and raped get paid £12 a week to learn the basics. They leave prison with better qualifications than some get in school. How is this fair? Most prisons offer courses that have a

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