Importance Of Reading In Reading

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Everybody who learns a language needs to master reading skill beside three other skills: listening, speaking, and writing. In English language learning activity, reading skill is important to measure whether the students could understand English written forms well. The other fact that shows how important the reading skill is that many information or texts are provided in written forms compared to the spoken ones. If the students have poor reading skill, they would not understand the text even they get the information. Moreover, reading is the interaction between the reader and the writer. The reader needs to catch what the writer is trying to encode to get the correct information. Furthermore, in high school, for example, reading is the core because through reading the students can find new things to improve their pronunciation, translation ability, and other skills. Thus, those are the reasons why reading skill is important so that English teachers who teach reading should pay serious attention to this.
One important thing to be considered in reading activity is the text. To improve students’ reading comprehension, teachers need to prepare the appropriate reading texts for the students. If the text is too difficult, the students will be stressed. In contrast, if it is too easy, they will not get an accurate count of their ability. Because of the reason, the teacher must look for the suitable reading text for the students.
There is no doubt that the suitable reading texts

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