The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Reading is something at almost all people do. It is a cornerstone of our modern society, that along with writing takes up a major part of our time. In college, students are expect to read and write a lot. Between reading textbooks or articles to catch up on information for class to writing out lab reports or essays or even math answers most, if not all, of what a college student has to do for class can be put in either the categories of reading or writing. That being said when it comes to unwinding a lot of what I do is either reading or writing. I love to read novels, from modern young adult to the classics, along with independent short stories found online, and subtitles on all movies. I am also an avid writer, I write short stories and novellas for fun and to relax. I have even won awards for my writing when I was in high school. Reading and writing aren’t just a cornerstone of my life they are the fondation, almost everything I love stems from literature. Still, I have to be in the right mindset to read or write certain things. I can’t just sit down and do my homework anywhere, I have to have designated spots where I work. That is why I have four places that are, with the exception of one spot, that all have a specified purpose. The chair in my dorm is for homework, the cafe in library is for reading textbooks, the gym is for podcasts, and my bed is for everything.
The first place that comes to mind when I have to do reading or writing for class is a chair that sits
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