Importance Of Rites Of Passage

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Rites of passage refer to the events that take place to mark the most significant stages of people’s lives. The most common ceremonies are performed to characterize the birth, initiation, marriage, and death of an individual. However, others are shown to celebrate ones educational achievement for example graduation. Religion plays a significant role, and it is always associated with these rites. Religious groups such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism often hold these rites of passage by accompanying them with prayers, traditional blessings, and rituals. Religious communities view these events as an opportunity for a person to gain a better understanding of their relations with God and their spiritual growth. They also provide people with a chance to ponder on the significance of the various stages in their lives and even bring people together during the moment of celebration. Death in Catholicism is the last rite of passage and is conducted specially. According to the Christian community, death is a rite of passage from the world to either heaven or hell. This means that those righteous in the eyes of God will have a place in his home (heaven) whereas those who were wicked will be thrown into the fires of hell forever (Vial, 2004). Christians believe that the first human beings, Adam and Eve were meant to be immortal beings but they threw that chance away when they signed by eating the forbidden fruit. According to the holy bible, the incident at the Garden

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