Importance Of Software Engineering Process For Reducing The Product Or The System

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1. Risk reduction is the process for reducing the effects caused on the product or the system. The main purpose of risk reduction is to maintain the functionality of the product, to take care that there is no loss of information, so that the continuity of the project is not lost, prevent from vulnerabilities. Example: A risk that be faced by our website in the project is, server would be down for any maintenance purpose or any other reason which might cause our website to be down resulting in loss of users. For this we can implement a risk reduction activity of using email alerts when the system is down so that we can redirect. We are also using uptime robot for letting us know about the up’s and downs of the server. 2. Purpose of Software…show more content…
Waterfall model is a software engineering process that has sequence of steps which are required for a product to be built or for the completion of a project successfully. This model starts with the requirements analysis phase and end with maintenance having several stages like design, implementation and verification. This model gives us a planned model for developing a product and deploying it in the market. This is also known as a sequential model. Some of the shortcomings of waterfall model are i. It cannot be used for developing large size products ii. Once there is any issued that has raised during the process, the complete process may get complex iii. No changes can be made in between the process. For example if any requirement is missed and due to this if the testing of the product fails then the complete process has to be repeated which is very complicated and time consuming iv. All the requirements have to be known in prior before designing a system and implementing it v. One should have complete knowledge about the product being developed as it is not possible to make changes in between the process. vi. This model can be used in case of small projects so that the scope and timeline is not missed. 4. The key values of agile methodology are i. Customer satisfaction – In actual practice i. e in our project of developing Sudoku we have looked into every feature by which the customer would be satisfied. For example,
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