Importance Of Speaking English Essay

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English is arguably the most important language to learn and perfect simply because it has become the universal language for information and conversation. Though it takes many different forms or dialects, the language of English has spread throughout the world and has become one of the most important skills a person can possess. British or BBC English became the language of power and prominence during the Second World War before being replaced by American English. Countries that were colonized by the United Kingdom have retained English despite decolonization. In India, speaking English is a sign of education and class. Important government and law offices will conduct business in English as opposed to the Hindu language. In many African countries, speaking English is the key to obtaining a well-paying job. It acts as a link language for companies that employ people who speak a variety of other tribal languages. Because of the industry world’s move into Asia, English has also found a home there. Children in Japan are learning English and mixing it with their own language to create a hybrid that has worked its way into all aspects of Japanese life. Business and media is conducted in English in many countries throughout Asia. Even the places deemed international, the skies and the seas, are ruled by the English language. Any person wanting to conduct business or exchange information with anyone internationally would benefit from having learned the English language. With more

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