Importance Of The American Education System

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Part Four: Importance to the American Education System Students from Arab and Muslim culture will bring unique and positive qualities to our classrooms that need to be recognized and valued. Teachers have a strong influence on how comfortable a student will feel in the classroom community. I believe it is important to create an environment where students feel safe to ask questions, share their culture, be themselves, believe in what they want to believe, and be celebrated for their differences as well as similarities. I believe each culture brings forth students that have a vast array of talents and it is important to know them so that you can teach to those students accordingly. An Arab American student might be an amazing storyteller due to Arabic language and communication styles. They may also be repetitive in their speaking. This is not to be dismissed as unnecessary, but merely how they learned to communicate. Arab American students can also bring high levels of respect to the classroom. They will know the customs of standing as someone enters a room and to not sit with your back facing away from another person. Additionally to their high level of respect, an Arab American student may hold honor and honesty to a high standard. Another talent an Arab American student might bring is the knowledge and wisdom that comes from living with extended family. The student may have several stories of his or her family’s history or wisdom of his or her elders. As for the needs of
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