Importance Of The Numbered Treaties And The Native Relations At The Time

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This essay will outline the importance of the numbered treaties and the Native relations at the time. This includes the events that occurred in 1871-1877 and will specifically outline the importance of Treaty Number 6. Although the numbered treaties were intended to benefit both the Natives and the Canadian government, in many cases, the treaties were not as favourable or beneficial to the natives as they were to the state. The natives were forced to sign the treaties and even when the treaties were signed, the Canadian government did not keep the promises that the Natives were entitled to. Although the treaties were signed, the lack of interest in the aboriginal communities by the government caused dissatisfaction in the native communities. The growing disappointment in government led to retaliations and rebellions. Soon after the passing of Constitution Act of 1867, there were threats of United States expanding north. This marked the beginning of the territorial race between United States and Canada, which required urgent western expansion. British Columbia joined the Confederation in 1871 after the promise of transcontinental railway which added to urgency of western expansion. The prime minister of Canada, John A. McDonald wanted to connect the east and the west of Canada in order to occupy the west. McDonald needed to increase the population in the western Canada, which meant that large amount of farmland were needed and transcontinental railways had to be laid. This

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