Importance Of Writing As A Writer

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As a writer, I was strong for my grade throughout junior high. Teachers would always say how my writing flowed beautifully and sounded just right. Unfortunately, as the years went on subjects got harder and I shifted my priorities from writing to things such as science labs and math equations. Writing became more difficult for me and I stopped making the time for it. Once earning A’s and B’s now I was just barely skimming by with low C’s and occasionally high D’s. Grammar became increasingly hard for I started messing up on smile commas and punctuation in general. Sentences started to become harder to form as the passion to write was no longer there. Since I’ve been in college I’ve realized how important English and writing is and how I need to start relearning and growing inn my ability to write again. The things I would like to see myself grow in as a writer would be: properly used punctuation, less grammatical errors, and writing with a passion for what I’m relaying to the reader. First thing I would like to improve upon in my writing would be properly used punctuation. I have always struggled with punctuation and grammatical errors. When I was in grade school and junior high the grading scale was more lenient since we were just starting off and we were considered new to it and young. As the year progressed and the grading scale and material became harder I started to fall behind. I would go through the paper multiple times but it seemed every time I did I wasn’t able to

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