Importance The Characters In Araby, Eveline, And Counterparts

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The theme frustration influence the characters in “Araby”, “Eveline”, and “Counterparts”. The boy in the chapter “Araby” was strongly affected by frustration, because of his love for Mangan’s sister and his uncle’s bad habits. He wanted to buy something good for Mangan’s sister at the bazaar, but he had to wait for his uncle to come back in order to get the money. His uncle was late, and that affected his mood, because he failed to buy Mangan’s sister a gift. As a result, it made him extremely frustrated because he was madly in love with her, and he hated that he cannot complete the thing that would make her happy. That frustration leads to depression, he later lost the purpose of his life because he cannot get over Mangan’s sister. I …show more content…

He was getting extremely frustrated because he is poor and he even had to pay for someone that he didn’t even know. The frustration increased even more when he tried to flirt with a sophisticated lady who didn’t care what Farrington was saying. As a result, he went home and beat up his kids. All three characters from the “Araby”, “Eveline” and “Counterparts” were all affected by frustration. Their lives were terrible, and they were constantly under stress. Their future were ruined and they were stuck in that state of mind for a long time.

Othello Roderigo was jealous of Othello because he loved his wife Desdemona, therefore, he spent all his money to get Lago to help him. Lago was angry with Othello because Othello choose Cassio as his main general instead of Lago. The anger made him want to seek revenge on Othello. Therefore, he used Roderick’s jealously and want to do harm to Othello. Lago first tricked Desdemona’s father that Othello put magic on Desdemona so she could marry him. He wanted Desdemona’s father Brabantio to kill Othello. Just as planned, Brabantio was angry and brought his kingman trying to kill Othello. Fortunately, Desdemona came in just in time to explain that she wasn’t tricked by the magic, she was in love with Othello. Lago later tried to trick Othello that Cassio had an affair with his wife Desdemona. He was also angry with Othello

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