Importance of Zip Files

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Part 1 - We are in a situation in which one of our employees is allegedly sending inappropriate photos via email within attachments. This employee has been compressing these photos using a zip utility program. When doing a forensics analysis of the employee's hard drive, we find a file named, but when the file is displayed, the message indicates it is corrupt. Typically, zip files are also called archive files and may be thought of as a container, a large file folder in which to place the "real information" for later retrieval. The purpose of these zip files is to allow larger amounts to be stored inside the folder for easier transporting. Just because the file says "corrupt" when attempting to open it does not mean that the data, or the proof needed, cannot be recovered. A zip file format, which is open source, has a specific structure that is defined in a zip application note. It is quite possible to receive or find a zip file that has a simple head issue; a mistake caused by the application or the process used to create the zip file. Despite this, any inaccuracies will give us a report back saying the zip file is corrupt. Typically, this can be fixed using a zip file fix routine: Click Start, click All Programs, and click Accessories Right click HYPERLINK "" "_blank" Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator (Windows XP: Left click Command Prompt) HYPERLINK "" l "CD" "_blank" Change
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