Importance of the Gardens in The Sparrow Essay

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The actual turning point in The Sparrow was when the Utra-Light crashed. However, it was of little interest. The importance of the novel lied within the gardens that were built. The garden the Jesuit mission planted served as the catalyst to the future demise of the group, and especially Emilio. Emilio not only had his body destroyed, but also his soul. The gardens caused a slaughter, an imprisonment, an eventual destruction of the survivor's hands, another death, a rape, and a long period of despair for the only survivor of the overall mission.

The crashing of the Utra-Light by Sofia and Marc (290) was simply the turning point because it was the beginning of the many unfortunate events that happened to the group. However, it was …show more content…

They went and retrieved the seeds Marc had decided to bring along, and soon thereafter began to plant the seeds. In the beginning "the Runa were absolutely flabbergasted" (342) about why the group was digging in the ground. Once the Runa realized that the gardens grew food they too began to garden (346). As the food in the Runa gardens grew, the fat levels and hormone production rose (346). Thus, Runa sexual activity became more frequent, and therefore, the natality rate increased.

Soon, because of the increase in population, there was a slaughter of the Runa village. Only two humans on the mission survived (378). The two remaining humans, Emilio and Marc, were then "taken prisoner[s] immediately" (380). Once they were prisoners, they were fed some sort of meat. Despite Emilio's effort to convince him otherwise, Marc refused to eat the food he was given throughout the imprisonment. As the imprisonment went on, Emilio eventually found out he was eating, "the meat of the innocents" (380). Emilio continued eating the meat even after he knew; his soul was hardly functioning. As he had watched children and his close friends die, he was in such a state of despair that his soul barely even noticed what he was doing. The gardens led to high hormone levels, which led to more babies. The babies led to the murder of Emilio's good friends and Runa. Then the two surviving humans were imprisoned by the patrol that performed the slaughter.

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