Important Aspects of Human Identity Essay

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There are many aspects that are apart of developing a person’s identity and sense of who they are. We are fully responsible for the outcome of our life according to Sarte. There are no excuses in life and we are responsible for our successes and for our failures. Whether we choose to sit back and wait for whatever to happen around us or take action and try to go out and make the changes you want in your life, you are responsible for all the lows and the highs. Our values are formed from the decisions we make, which help us form our identity. The decisions you make in life have an impact on you’re happiness. This can be through making a difference in the world or finding love or having a successful career.
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Williams acted out on her rage but in a positive way, making a change for her and others. Later her story was published in the paper. Williams’s actions helped form her identity and give the sense that she is a strong woman with strong beliefs. There are other things that can form your identity as well such as falling in love.
Thomas Merton claims “Love is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness of life”(214, Merton). Love gives us more of a sense of meaning of life. Love defines who we are and we find the true meaning of life through the happiness of being with someone else. As Sarte says, it is our responsibility to define ourselves and to make choices that make us happy. Being in love can transform our entire life and bring us to happiness that we never knew was impossible. I think that Sarte and Merton would agree to take responsibility and go out and find love. Creating your own identity is what it means to be human.
Having the responsibility of our own existence is a blessing and a curse because it can bring us to despair. The reasoning for despair is because of the idea that we have subjectivity and that nothing is objective or absolute. There is no absolute right or wrong and no ultimate judgment. This is a scary idea because that means that there is no God. The only way to discover our own values is make a decision. We only have the power to change things that

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