Important Characteristics of a Mechanical Engineer

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Like all engineering jobs, mechanical engineers have a specialized set of skills that are beneficial to them in their work. If one does not possess these characteristics, it does not necessarily mean that they can never be an engineer; rather, this is a sign that mechanical engineering might be a difficult career for them to go into. After all, no one is perfect, and most engineers do not possess all of these skills. That which one does not know, one can learn, as most mechanical engineers do. Furthermore, the perseverance it takes to acquire those skills is already a step in the right direction. According to Neil Kokemuller, the three main traits of a mechanical engineer are creativity, communication, and problem-solving (n.d.). Along…show more content…
I am in the school's “Gifted and Talented” program, which implies that I have exceptional problem-solving skills and obtaining, analyzing, processing, and documenting information abilities. I am currently taking an “Engineering Graphics” class that teaches the design of machine parts. I have always been mechanically inclined. Additionally, as an altogether top student, I have superb reading comprehension and active listening skills, and decent judgment and decision-making skills. However, I do not currently have very good communication or computer design skills, production and processing or customer and personal service knowledge, and I am not very efficient in my work. I am, however, a natural leader, trustworthy and dependable, and a good team player; all of which I feel will be advantageous to me in my pursuit of this career. Most of these traits which I do not currently posses, I feel that I will eventually obtain from classes I will take in college. Computer design skills and production and processing knowledge are two of these such traits. I also feel that customer and personal service knowledge will only improve with experience in those situations. Unfortunately,
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