Important Factors For Life?

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Kaylyn Nelson
Mrs. Parsons
English 11
January 4, 2017
Important Factors Needed in Life Respect, responsibility, and effort are all common factors you need to be successful in life. If you don’t respect others there is a great chance that you won’t be successful in your work. You need to be responsible because if you are then you also won’t be successful in your work or in school or even anything you try to do. Always put in effort towards what you need and want to do in life or how do you expect yourself to be successful? I know that I wouldn’t expect myself to be successful without putting in some effort. Now lets figure out what each word means and how they are a part of everyday life. Then we will see how they are different from each
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Responsibility is the same everywhere you go. People may do things to be responsible in different ways but it is all the same concept and you need to be strict with responsibility or you won’t go far in life. Responsibilities that you have in school are probably a little different in each class that you go to. Some teachers are really laid back and chill but then you’ve got the teachers that are like nazis about everything. Either way though you need to be responsible and do your assignments that they give to you. High School rules are a little less strict than college rules unless you are taking college preparation classes. For an example most high school classes accept late work and let students retake test but when you get into college they don’t accept late work and don’t allow you to retake tests. So if you aren’t responsible and do your work on time or study for an important test than you probably won’t get all that far in life. You will never learn to be on time with things. Effort is a vigorous or determined attempt. Effort is all on you. No one can put in the effort for you. They could put in effort to help you but if you don’t have your own effort you can’t get anywhere successful. The amount of effort you put into your work determines how far and how successful you get in life. Effort in schools is shown by studying for important tests, how hard you try on your homework, or even how hard you try to get help when
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