Imposing Affirmative Action in El Paso Essay

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Imposing Affirmative Action in El Paso Have you ever applied for a job knowing that you are more than qualified for the position? But somehow you remain overlooked by someone who is bilingual, and perhaps less qualified. Well I have, predominantly here in El Paso. El Paso, a city constantly growing with more: schools, hospitals, and jobs; Where many have flourished in these endeavors. However people who are not bilingual seems to be excluded in these opportunities. But instead of remaining unemployed; The city should enforce Affirmative Action so that many non-bilingual, and minorities in El Paso have as many opportunities as those native to the city. One thing El Paso does not lack is Diversity. El Paso has a population of 672,538 …show more content…

Also military spouses from Japan, Germany, Korea, and all over whom does not even speak English; find themselves in a bind. Military spouses in El Paso find themselves depending on one source of income, which may not be adequate. With only one source of income, the working spouse feels the financial burden. Although being bilingual is an advantage for an employer, by enforcing Affirmative Action many of the people who would normally be disregarded for being deficient in Spanish would finally have opportunities for desired positions. With applicants depending on being bilingual for jobs, affirmative action will force employers to focus on education, certifications, and diplomas. With focusing on credentials, and not language; Employers will hire those suitable for the job. Also, this allows bilingual to not only have language, but the necessary credentials for the job. With having bilinguals with credentials leaves room for translations for those who do not speak the necessary language. With depending on each other for information, bilinguals, and non- bilinguals would have to learn to communicate efficiently, and create a balanced work environment. With being a diverse place El Paso needs to enforce Affirmative Action for those desperately finding jobs, and deficient in Spanish. Affirmative Action will not only benefit those deficient in Spanish, but also the minorities in El Paso. Because of Hispanic,

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