Improving Maternal Health During The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

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One of the most beautiful miracles we experience in this world is the birth of a child, an expecting mother pregnant with her baby is considered to be sacred in many cultures. Most expecting mothers try their best to prevent any harm coming to their unborn child from any diseases or birth defects that could affect their baby. Yet still in this day and age with all the resources, medicines, and treatments we have available to improve maternal health, approximately eight hundred women die each day from preventable causes that is related to childbirth and pregnancy(Maternal). Those are eight hundred deaths a day which totals up to two hundred and ninety two thousand deaths annually that could have been prevented with standard adequate treatments and about ninety nine percent of those deaths happen in developing countries because the expecting mother would catch an infection during her pregnancy or during childbirth. Improving maternal health is one of the eight major focuses for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. When a woman is pregnant, she gives the unborn baby all the source of nutrients the baby needs in order to be healthy through the umbilical cord and placenta. Along with passing nutrients to the baby, a mother can unknowingly pass down certain infectious diseases which can harm the baby and also the mother. In developed countries, mothers who contract infectious diseases have the access and the resources to prevent the diseases from harming the baby
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