The Birth Of The Pregnancy Stage Of Her Life

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When a woman gets to the pregnancy stage of her life, it is a very exciting and painful journey that most women go through or look forward to experience. Growing up in Africa, giving birth is considered to be one of the most important duties of a woman so women can have as many babies as she can. For example my grandmother had ten children. But when a woman gives birth to a baby with some deformities she sometimes face a lot of scrutinizes from the family because it is believed that if both parent of the child is healthy then automatically the baby has to be healthy and due to lack of education other factors were never put into consideration. But now thanks to education we can have an insight on causes that can affect a baby and also how to prevent these from happening.
Abnormality is malformation that requires treatments or interferes with the physical well being and it is the leading cause of infant mortality, causing twenty-two percent of infant death. Abnormality can be as a results of many things such as mother’s age, maternal drug use, drinking too much caffeine, environmental toxins, mother’s diet or even stress. Bringing a baby in to this world is so exciting but there are precautions the expectant mother needs to take in order for the baby to be healthy. Even though the body serves as a barrier between the unborn baby and the environment, there are certain toxins that can affect the baby’s health even in the mother’s womb. Doing this research I finally understood

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