The Maternal Mortality Rate Of Afghanistan Essay

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Goal 5
The fifth goal is to increase maternal health in countries with a focus on reducing the maternal mortality rate by three-fourths and universal access to reproductive health both by 2015. Despite a 43% reduction in maternal deaths since 1990, there are still a large number of women who die during childbirth from preventable causes such as hemorrhaging (United Nations, 2015, p. 38).
In 2002 Afghanistan reported a baseline figure of 1,600 deaths per 100,000 with a 2015 targeted reduction to 315 (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 2013, p. 53). While Afghanistan was able to reach the original goal it had set for itself, new goals were created to combat the continuous high number of maternal deaths. Afghanistan has identified general lack of family planning, a limited supply of qualified midwives, and limited access to health care in general as contributing factors towards such high maternal death rates. The state has been working with UNICEF, WHO, and other international partners to implement its National Reproductive health strategy to help combat the conditions in which Afghanistan mothers find themselves.
Goal 6
The sixth goal is to combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, focusing on reversing their spread and providing universal access to treatment. We have seen progress made in most countries towards achieving this goal, with the statistics falling every day, however, we are far from the finish line as a little over 2 million people still contract AIDS/HIV.

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