Improving The Girl 's Development Essay

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A 14-year-old minority female, facing the very real possibility that she may be pregnant. She has always struggled in school (she failed a grade already), and is currently a freshman in high school.
After reading this scenario, I presume that one can conclude that because she has always struggled in school and has failed a grade in the past, she probably does not have a good support system at home. Also, the minority female probably has no support from her teachers or peers. Using different styles of parenting to support my text, I will create different environments explaining ways to improve the girl’s development and help her deal with her circumstances at home and school. In the same manner, I will also create an environment showing what negative effects could obstruct her progression. To begin, the minority female is dealing with transitioning from being a little kid to a teenager and has faced many challenges thus far such as, puberty, changing schools (moving from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school), and becoming more confident with body changes. She is perhaps uneasy about everything that is occurring at this period in her life. With that being said, not performing well in school and being pregnant will only add more stress to her life ultimately causing her to shut down. She could even become depressed if she does not receive the proper help. The first step in creating a positive environment is to help improve the circumstances of

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