In Both Sources, Belsky’S 2016 Book, Experiencing The Lifespan,

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In both sources, Belsky’s 2016 book, Experiencing the Lifespan, and De Bolle et al’s 2015 study The emergence of sex differences in personality traits in early adolescence: A cross-sectional, cross-cultural study, the topic of age differences in relation to the sexes is a key topic. The study’s goal is to illuminate the problems with various past studies and to use the cross-sectional design to their advantage. They accomplish this by evaluating twelve to seventeen year-olds of both sexes from all across the world using the NEO Personality Inventory-3. This method produced accurate and unprecedented results related to the subject of biology in age differences with sex. They discovered how little culture affects various traits while…show more content…
McCrae and colleagues (2002) found higher levels of Agreeableness and Neuroticism in girls (see also Klimstra, Hale, Raaijmakers, Branje, & Meeus, 2009), whereas Branje et al. (2007) found no sex differences on these two dimensions. Klimstra and colleagues (2009) have suggested that these inconsistencies might be explained by differences in populations or cultures sampled or by variations in the particular adolescent age groups selected. The current study therefore aims (a) to examine how and to what extent culture and age affect sex differences in adolescence, and (b) to report cross- sectional age trends in sex differences in the personality traits of adolescents based on observer ratings obtained in 23 cultures around the world (De Bolle et al., 2015, p. 173). This clearly shows both the validity and importance of the aforementioned cross-sectional study that aims to unite all kinds of research together to form a clear picture about age differences with sex. From an early age, boys and girls, both physically and mentally, are quite similar. They experience growth at a similar rate, while also acting and feeling quite alike. A phenomenal example is relational aggression at an early

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