In Disputing Some Of The Main Accusations And So-Called

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In disputing some of the main accusations and so-called “evidence” presented in the Blue Book, the German Colonial Office argues that Germany’s African protectorates were acquired by peaceful means and were built upon by German enterprise and industry under a colonial policy of liberality towards other nations. They claim that, since Great Britain declared willingness to recognize German territory in African, the British cannot make the argument that South-West Africa shouldn 't have fallen into German hands, since they initially supported it during the Berlin Conferences. Prior to the war, there were multiple British and American sources that praise Germany’s development efforts in Africa. The White Book even claims, “many eminent English…show more content…
If anything, they claim that German colonizers were merely following the example of the British, who were much more experienced in the suppression and conquering of native populations. They rhetorically demand that Britain recognize their own atrocities before accusing other powers, saying, “Physician, heal thyself!” The Treaty of Versailles Due to the Allies’ victory and Great Britain’s prominent position among the Allied powers, the evidence and rhetoric from the 1918 Blue Book prevailed over the counterarguments presented in the 1919 German White Book, resulting Germany’s forced renouncement of her overseas territory. Overall, the Treaty of Versailles reassigned German boundaries and assigned liability for reparations. The two main articles that concern the former German protectorates are Article 22, which concerns their distribution, and Article 119, which describes the terms of the German colonies’ surrender. While Article 119 provides more information concerning the general compliance of Germany, the decisions made in Article 22 show the true influence that the British had on the Treaty’s mandates and the degree to which the Allied powers benefitted from Germany’s colonial losses.
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