In Kenya, The Main Inequality Work Done Focused On Tax

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In Kenya, the main inequality work done focused on tax inequality: Tax and investment; International financial architecture; Gender inequality: Women’s rights, assets and property; Gender based violence; Female genital mutilation; Women leadership and governance; Gender responsive budgeting; Economic empowerment; Budgets and public expenditure in basic services: Public Expenditure tracking in education and health; Governance and influence: Corruption control; Democracy and elections; Transparency and Accountability in Governance. The areas of inequality which had not been done in Kenya include: Extractives industries; Jobs and Wages; Access to productive resources: land and capital and ethnicity. Secondly no toolkits on inequality had been …show more content…

Governance remains a major challenge in the DRC, Transparency international (2015) reports that the DRC has a corruption score of 22 out of 100 and is ranked 147th out of 168 countries. Some of the governance challenges include weak judicial systems, low level of basic public sector remuneration and the absence of effective control and accountability mechanisms. The DRC is also one of the lowest ranking countries in terms of governance indicators percentile scores: voice and accountability (11.8), Control of corruption scores (6.7), rule of law (2.8) and political stability and absence of violence (4.9). The higher the score and the nearer it is to 100, the better the country performance. Governance in the DRC affects inequality in several ways, first the high rate of corruption resulting in the looting of public funds the government’s ability to provide public services such as education, health and social protection. There is exclusion in decision making since voice and accountability index is low, hence public decisions made favour only a few people which worsens the level of inequality. The increased level of violence particularly by rebels results in destruction of infrastructure, which also hinders provision of public services in vast areas, thereby increasing inequality. Taxation The

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