The Republic of Congo, An Outline Essay

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the eleventh largest country in the world and has over $29 trillion in unexploited minerals and natural resources (News about Congo). Given this fact, how is it that the DRC ranks 172 in economic freedom? The simple answer is the country is afflicted with inadequate security, shoddy governance, and a long-lasting humanitarian crisis. It is imperative that the United States (U.S.) understands the framework surrounding the operational environment, strategic implications, and how they can use its instruments of national power as a strategy to affect the DRC. Social redistribution is a method that will assist in achieving U.S. strategic goals due to the ineptness and limited capacity …show more content…

III. The U.S. can utilize its instruments of national power along with the international community to positively effect change within the DRC.
a. The United States can utilize the Inter-Parliamentary Union to assist the government of the DRC to institute a government designed to institute social equality throughout the country.
b. The international body will need to advise and assist the DRC on management of its resources.
c. A capable government can create positive generational change by addressing social infrastructure issues and addressing the population’s necessities.
d. Stability in the DRC will provide the U.S. with a trusted commerce partner.
e. A steadfast DRC will provide the U.S with a strategic location to support aid and shaping operations.

In summary, it is of strategic importance to the United States that a stable and secure DRC exists. Therefore, it is essential that the U.S. take an active role in providing solutions to the country’s issues. One of these solutions is creating a competent government capable of providing its population with basic humanitarian needs through a social redistribution system. The U.S., along with its international partners, can assist the DRC government in providing the framework for accomplishing this. Although critics may oppose this strategy due to its essence of socialism, an unpopular form of governance in

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