In 'Letter From Birmingham JailBy Martin Luther King Jr.'?

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Effectiveness in literature is how well a technique appeals to the author’s intended audience. If a piece is effective the audience will believe whatever it is the author is portraying. Jonathan Edwards is a religious speaker. Edwards is passionate about being a Puritan and converting as many people as he can to be Puritans. Him and Martin Luther King Jr. are similar; they both speak out for what they believe in and try to get others to see from their point of view. King spoke for equality for all. King wanted the segregation to end. He did so in a nonviolent manner. Both in MLK’s piece “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and Jonathan Edward’s piece “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” was effective uses of complex sentences, and allusion. To understand which is more effective one will first need to understand, Martin Luther King Jr wrote a “Letter From Birmingham Jail”, he wrote back to the clergymen. The clergymen had an article published called “A Call of Unity”. It was about how the African-Americans should not partake in the illegal outcries. Instead they should listen to lawmakers and/or politicians and continue to wait until they come up with an answer. It was assumed by MLK that it was a “attack” against him. King wrote to the clergymen discussing the Negroes problems. He did not rant or complain, but merely explains. MLK told them how the Negroes have waited far too long to get no answers in return. King’s piece was written in a way that gave all of the clergymen

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