Crazy People: A Short Story

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In life, you have to juggle a lot of things. Parents, children, middle school, annoying people, wannabe’s, and other types of people. But when I take a cold hard look at reality, I realise how crazy things are gonna be this year. No, it has nothing to do with all the crazy people in school, but it simply has to do with a simple book. Any rational human being would think it would have something to do with something much more atrocious, but it’s really simple. Anyway, for at least two days now, I’ve been bent on finding a solution. A way to crawl out of all the amazing trouble I’m in. But first, I need to go back to where it all started, where everything started to go haywire. Aside from the war, and all the fighting going on in my …show more content…

Dad was looking around nervously. He seemed so anxious to get out. “Should I go in the store and go and look for her?” I asked. He nodded, but he seemed so reluctant. I rolled down the window, and opened the door from the outside. Within minutes, I was inside the store running around. I saw people who looked like her, but I didn’t see her in general. An intercom came in over the speaker. The store was going to close in thirty minutes, and I didn’t see her anywhere. I decided that she was going to pop up at anytime, so I grabbed a cart, and did the grocery shopping. After, I took the stuff for my project in school. It was for something that people used in the olden days, and we had to recreate something similar or entirely different. But it had to have the same use. (I’ll explain in detail later.) In the beginning, I was planning to work alone, but then magically, (much to my dismay) it was given to one of my worst frenemies. I turned the cart and ran down the arts aisle. I’ll do the project shopping. I grabbed a pack of construction paper, and some Sharpies with colored pencils. Then after that, I went down one of the aisles, and I heard Elaine’s voice. She was talking to one of the people in the glasses and mirrors section. But it didn’t look like she was buying anything. She was talking with an exasperated look on her face, while the person she was talking to was rubbing her temples. I walked up to them slowly. The closer I got, the more I realised

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