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In My Darkest Hour Jon sat up on his phone, trying to reach Brianna through FaceTime, but she wouldn't pick up. It was Angel's birthday, so he expected her to at least let him be there for her seventh birthday. "One last time," he said to himself after probably the hundredth time. Finally, someone picked up, and it wasn't Brianna. instead, it was Angel. "Happy birthday, sweetheart," he said with a smile. Angel returned the smile then called Brianna over to her phone. "I'm talking to dad," she stated, hoping that they would get back together. Instead, her mother stared blankly at the TV screen in front of her. She turned her attention back to Jon and frowned. "Mom's throwing a party for me, and it starts later today. Only a few people are …show more content…

She really hoped that everything would turn out alright in time for her party, since her friends would have probably been freaked out if they ever saw what would normally go on. Also, she missed the days when Brianna would smile everyday with her dad. Jon looked up at Roman, who was shaking his head after the words left his mouth. He meant what he said, but he was having a hard time convincing Brianna that he was really telling the truth. Of course, everything could have been easily avoided if he didn't jump to conclusions so quickly. He kind of deserved everything he got. "I had to tell her. I couldn't see her and pretend that I don't still love her." Roman rose from where he was sitting and patted him on the shoulder. "Do you even know her?" he asked, not believing that he, her ex-husband, knew a lot more than her current husband. "If you want her back, you need to show her you lover her, not just tell her. And with all the things you've done it's going to be even more difficult than the last time." Jon knew how hard he had to work to get her the last time, so it was going to be a real challenge this time. Nonetheless, he was willing to give all that it took in order to get her back, no matter what extreme lengths he had to go to. It was almost time for the party to begin, an Brianna had cleaned herself up the best she could. Luke came over to see if he could help to keep her at

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