In Nathaniel Hawthorne'S The Scarlet Letter, There Are

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Scarlet Letter, there are many important scenes. But there are five scenes that stood out and pushed the plot forward. This includes Hester walking out of the prison, Chillingworth finds out about Dimmesdale’s scarlet letter, and Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl. The final two being Hester meeting Dimmesdale in the forest and the Dimmesdale confessing his sin. These scenes are the key points in his novel.
The first major scene in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is the first few sceness of the book. Here, in the first few scene, we are introduced to everything that we need to know about this novel. We establish our main characters, Hester Prynne, Hester 's daughter Pearl, Reverend Arthur …show more content…

Here Chillingworth reveals the scarlet letter on Dimmesdale 's chest. Chillingworth is ecstatic by the sight and starts to dance around. Hawthorne compared him to Satan because of his unusual behavior. This scene is important because it establishes the start of Chillingworth 's revenge and hatred for Dimmesdale. Thirdly, Dimmesdale goes out to stand on the scaffold. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale had been feeling a heavy burden of guilt, weighing him down. One night he decides to go upon the scaffold to stand. During his time on the scaffold Dimmesdale lets out if frustrated and starts to imagine what would happen if he was seen. Soon after Dimmesdale sees Hester and Pearl and calls them up onto the scaffold. Hester is slightly confused, but complies to Dimmesdale’s request. As readers, we get to see how the three interact and get to learn more about their situation. We also learn about Dimmesdale’s fear and hatred for Chillingworth. Towards the end of this chapter a meteor fly through the sky, shedding light on the town. “A great red letter in the sky – the letter A, which we have interpreted to stand for Angel.” (Hawthorne 174) This scene symbolizes the beginning of people forgetting and moving on from Hester and her sin. Next, is when Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the forest. In this scene, the reader sees Hester and Dimmesdale both generally happy for the first time. Throughout the novel, we see

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