In Part One Of This Assignment I Discussed My Experiences

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In part one of this assignment; I discussed my experiences as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I recalled into some of the biggest hurdles I tackled and now I envision the challenges, I may face during the transition. In this paper, I will be further discussing the transition from Licensed practical nurse to Registered nurse. The focus is on the responsibilities of a RN and stages of change in becoming a student once again. As I discussed in my video, there are challenges that I will face in the upcoming year that may make the journey difficult. I mentioned my current nursing experiences but as a RN, those experiences will vary because of the difference in training and accountability. I will outline the differences by elaborating on the scopes…show more content…
2013. Page 52). In this early stage of nursing development, prospective nursing students take courses within an accredited nursing program to study foundational nursing curricula. During this time, a professional nursing student is able to take knowledge learned within a classroom and begin to apply fundamental practices under the supervision of their instructor. The student is completely reliant on external authority, an experienced knowledgeable teacher who provides the guidance for adequate practical support. Students rely on their instructor for guidance and the right answer to their questions. From my past experience in the LPN program this stage was when we were taking information learned in class and applying it in lab on simulated dummies for practice. The second stage discussed by Cohen is the Negative Independence phase. According to Harrington and Terry (2013), this stage is when the nursing students have more opportunities to apply theory to practice and assumes more responsibility. The student also begins to develop more confidence thus begins to adopt some of the role values and is more willing to question traditional habits and ways of knowing. As a student begins to gain practical knowledge and the self- confidence grows, they start to question indiscriminately. They utilize the information gained from the Unilateral Dependence stage and begin
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