In Recent Years, Public Sector Organizations Increasingly

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In recent years, public sector organizations increasingly leverage collaboration as a means of overcoming resource constraints and solving complex problems such as natural disaster preparation. Collaboration offers a means of achieving synergy among the public sector, private sector, and non-governmental organizations when strategizing, preparing, and responding during times of impending disasters. When faced with such a complex challenge, various federal, state and local agencies unite to develop and implement an emergency response plan, outlining essential responsibilities (Perry & Nigg, 1985). This paper describes the need for stakeholders along the west coast of the United States to conduct disaster response planning collaboration to …show more content…

Also, according to U.S. Code Title 18, it is not legal for the U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force to assist with law enforcement activities. Thus, under disaster conditions, only the local police or state-controlled National Guard elements may conduct law enforcement and peace-keeping. Stakeholder organizations or communities may expect assistance from federal military units to respond to their policing needs, but the federal military units must contact the local police or National Guard to respond. This can create significant friction because of stakeholder organization or community expectations.
Second, resource management for disaster relief is another complicated friction point. Each organizational member of the council has their own methods for managing and acquiring resources and supplies and maintaining capacity. The aforementioned issue of authorities creates legal considerations that organizations must rectify prior to the sharing of resources. Additionally, since each organization may use separate methods for resource management, this could cause numerous friction points from management philosophies to automated systems passing information. Finally, if some communities or organizations perceive there is unfair sharing of resources, this can create significant disruption to these communities or organizations squabble among each other.
Third and finally, communication is another major friction point that the

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