In Shirley Jackson’S Short Story “The Lottery” It Seems

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In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” it seems that Jackson is trying to portray how people do not question the rituals they partake in and continuously do them. There is no form of second thought on the rituals people perform but a sense of conformity. People go along with such rituals because it is accepted and only frowned upon when someone questions these rituals. People are so set in their ways sometimes that there is no way of showing them that they do not have to partake in these rituals. That life will go on without hesitation, the only impact rituals have are on the people who perform them. Jackson’s short story gives an insight on what rituals tend to be like, and how there is no hesitation in anyone’s mind on whether…show more content…
There should not need to be something so horrific or life changing to happen, so that people realize they should but more thought into what happens around them. Rituals are always going to be around whether we agree with them or not, but it would not hurt to understand why people partake in these actions. The types of rituals that are set in society have nothing to do with the generations people come from, or their beliefs but whether or not they take the opportunity to modify and reason with them. People have to be open to change in order to make sure these rituals fit the upcoming generations and even society. People tend to not think about their actions until these actions are either affecting their daily lives or they have had a major effect to someone around them. In the beginning of the story, townswoman Tessie is ok with the idea of The lottery and is happy, joking with the other townspeople, and is not worried about the outcome. She sees nothing horrific about the idea of stoning a fellow townsperson to death, this is until she is the one that is dealt with the horrendous fate. At that point the entire idea is wrong and unfair, she believes that this was not meant to be and they should do it all over. This goes to show that people only accept someone’s idea until it no longer benefits them. In the story it also shows that throughout different generation ideas and values are changed, not everything works from one
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