In The August 8Th And 15Th Issue Of The New Yorker, Mark

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In the August 8th and 15th issue of the New Yorker, Mark Ulriksen vividly outlines the conflict that the 2016 Olympics faced in Rio de Janeiro. Typically, a track star in the
Olympics runs for their lives to bring the gold medal back home to his or her country, but in the cover of the New York the track stars are literally running for their lives. As each of these men are dressed in their countries colors, there is a crowd full of people watching the look on their faces and the terror from what appears to be a dark grey cloud following them. The runner in bright red compression shorts and shirt is the only particular runner being attacked. The Cover of the New Yorker illustrates how the Olympic games helped brighten the spotlight on what …show more content…

Typically, with a high tourist rates come with the risk of injuries or infection. The Zika virus was one that many was not sure how to control and keep the safety of everyone first. The Zika virus is spread through infected mosquitos, pregnant mothers which can cause defects on certain births. Zika virus is related to yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and West Nile. With much of humanities safety as state the Olympic committee were up to a challenge. Despite the problem at the games, this virus has taken the lives of many and many are very vulnerable due to lack of knowledge and resources. India, Indoneisa and Nigeria are high risked countries as their resources are limited, “The research team, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Oxford University and the University of Toronto, Canada, said "vast numbers" of people were living in environments where it would be hard to prevent, detect and respond to the virus.” The Zika virus is taking over North and South America, and with the Olympic games being in Rio De Janiero the awareness there may help other countries who are at lost on what to do with the virus. More than eighty-two cases of measles happened in 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. Two visitors attending the games spread the virus at one or more venues. Finding early symptoms is very critical in

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