In The Park Gwen Harwood Analysis

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Everyone can identify with mothers as we have all had one in some way. Borrowing a saying from Forest Gump, mothers are ‘like a box of chocolates’ coming in all shapes, sizes, ages, colours and attitudes to their role. However, when we look at texts which privilege mothers, it is clear that a narrow view is being represented.
What is the stereotypical mother? If we look at our 1st text, this birthday card made by the Hallmark company, it offers a romantic version of reality. It suggests that mothers are wonderful, loving, caring, understanding individuals. But it is not only the language that is flowery. The card has a white background with pastel coloured flowers which are symbols of femininity. (POINT TO FEATURES) Cultural knowledge
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It has been constructed to reveal the negative changes that may occur in women because of motherhood. It relates the messages that children ‘eat (mothers) alive’, totally consuming their personalities and their person. While this may be a version of reality for some mothers, it is in stark contrast to the loving ‘Hallmark’ mother and the caring ‘Fujitsu’ mother. This poem serves the interests of women who are mothers but are not really having a ‘Hallmark’ day. They can see that other women have bad days too when they question their role as mother. It also could be a warning to women either not to have children, or, if they do, do not let them take over your life. There are gaps in this poem. The woman does not have a great deal of money as her ‘clothes are out of date’. She has let the children drag her down to the point where she does not place importance in her appearance. It is suggested that the relationship she has with the children’s father has not given her the status a relationship with her ‘ole friend’ may have given her. It is implied that he is neat, tidy and in control of his life. This is in stark contrast to her difficult life of
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