In The Political World There Are Two Major Standpoints,

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In the political world there are two major standpoints, either right or left. Either side has its own views about everything from job creation to how rich or poor Americans are at the current time. The right tends to argue that the American people are gaining momentum when it comes to climbing the rungs of the ladder to more wealth while the left sees the opposite view and the American people are slipping further down hill becoming poorer and poorer. Two men from opposite sides of the isle stand off in this critical debate, whether or not the middle class is disappearing or on the rise. Steven Pearlstein is a conservative business columnist for the Washington Post. Jared Berstein writes from The American Prospective and leans more …show more content…

Finally, Pearlstein uses a lot of numbers from Rose, but the way he explains how the Great American Jobs Machine is actually producing a lot of well paying jobs is significant (Pearlstein, 2007). Breaking it up into three groups and then showing that the less skilled jobs are actually on the decline was brilliant on his part because people do focus on job creation. Those are some of the strong argument Steven Pearlstein makes. However, while Pearlstein’s argument had its strong points it also had quite a few weak points. For instance, as was stated above he discusses how the typical American family’s income is actually $63,000 and not $44,500 by getting rid of everything below 29 and above 59, but he does not state what to do with the rest of the people he just excluded (Pearlstein, 2007). Are those individuals now non-traditional American families? Is there an entirely new category of people left out of the prime age for workers? He does not touch on that at all. Another point Pearlstein brings up is that the liberal’s tout a story that middle class families can no longer maintain their standard of living and have to send moms out into the workforce to make money instead of raising their children (Pearlstein, 2007). He never fully develops this point because he goes on to show information from married couples. He does not show how middle class families are not having to put mom out in the workforce. It is a

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