In The United States, Voters Have The Choice Between Republican

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In the United States, voters have the choice between Republican and Democrats for elected officials. While there are people on tickets for other parties, historically their chance of getting elected is slim. This is a reality that Americans have lived with, and its roots can be traced back to the beginning of the republic. Post-Revolution America brought about much debate over how the government should be ran, how big it should be, and how officials would be elected. Through this political turmoil, many agree that two men had strong voices in how the government should be shaped, Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, and they, combined with the overall eventual setup of the government, are what led to the formation and…show more content…
Instead, Madison and others used him as more of a figurehead. With Jefferson being in France for the Revolution and directly after, he had less direct impact on the formation of the government. He also argued that Jefferson did few tangible things once he arrived back in the states. Charles goes on to discuss how leading figures in politics at times, instead of finding answers to current problems, became divided. This divide, while helping form the government that has evolved into what is now modern-day United States, caused great tension amongst the leaders, making it hard to do their jobs well. Charles sought to answer how these men shaped policy, their effect on one another, and their intent. When looking at their motives in their political careers, one could better grasp why parties were made instead of them working together. Showing their private lives next to their public lives, he displayed why each man believed the way he did and explained their actions. This political history gives insight into not only their lives, but their active relationships with each other. The Founding Fathers are often seen as strong, faultless, patriotic leaders. Many men contributed to the formation of our nation, but in the case of political parties the focus tend to center on two: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, men with very conflicting ideas and personalities. Considering the life of the former, he was much more reserved by comparison. He was a
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