In The World Today, There Are Many Jobs/Career To Choose

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In the world today, there are many jobs/career to choose from in the medical field. Each job and career sets everyone apart and provides them their own discourse community. A discourse community is a group of people or ideas that share a set of discourses, understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. John Swales defined discourse communities as "groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals." (221) The nursing discourse community falls under the larger, medical discourse community, where they are alike, but not completely similar. Nursing is a profession within the health care sector that has a goal to focus on the care of individuals, families, and communities…show more content…
Nurses are able to speak to each other and other nurses in ways a person who is not defined as a nurse wouldn’t understand because they do not belong to the same discourse community. The members all have their own ways of talking to each other. In other words, they have their own language (Swales 221). In addition to special genres like the checklists, nurses use specific, medical language. Nurses use abbreviations and grand vocabulary when communicating. Nurses have different types of communication for different circumstances as well. The way they talk amongst themselves is different from the way they relay information to their patients, which I will discuss as “nurse to patient communication.” In the nursing field, there is a purpose for communication. You have, a messenger, a receiver, and the message. Constantly there is a large deal of information to relay to others in a very short period of time. To do this effectively, nurses need to know that there are factors that can determine how their messages are interpreted. They must consider the place in which the communication occurs, the past experiences, and the perceptions of both the sender and receiver, as well as the tim eit takes the message to be recieved. Any breakdown in communication, also known as
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