In This Paper, I Plan To Argue The Ideas By Edward Conard,

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In this paper, I plan to argue the ideas by Edward Conard, in his argument that we don’t need more humanities major in our academic system. In specific, this paper will explore the writer’s claims, the gaps in his arguments and counter-arguments in this topic. My argument is important because I will challenge Conard’s article with the self-fashioning’s article by Keohane.
In Conard’s article, he demonstrates to answer the question whether or not we need more humanities. His answer is that we should be focus on technology and innovation to have a better living standards. (41) His main argument is that innovation and technology are the key to driver of the American economy and there is a need for more talents and expertise in this area. …show more content…

(43) Schools give one the time and materials to achieve all what one desire in life. (43) In the same way, I would challenge the students to leverage their energy and time to become the best they can be in their life. (43)
This paper also supports the self-fashioning article by Keohane. Self-fashioning builds the character, personality, and focus on the student. A self-fashioned student is more likely to succeed in life in whichever line of specialization he chooses. Likewise, I disagree with Conard on the point that innovation and technology are more likely to bring success to the student. From experience, people who know their personality and character are able to use in their skills, time and education to be the best in whichever field, whether in technology and innovation or humanities. In my view, success and failure are not a factor of chosen line of specialization rather, it is a factor of hard work and determination to create a change. Self-fashioning is more fundamental and basic education, like authority, and intelligence and it is determined by how people deal with small and basic things in life. Things like cleaning, washing, and taking care of oneself are more important that education when it comes to self-fashioning.
In my life, the most common basic things derive from self-fashioning. They include taking care of oneself through right

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