Graduation Speech : Student Achievement Essay

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Bart Allen 11/20/16 Student Achievement

We all go to school for education, to obtain the knowledge needed to find what we are passionate about, but through the years of schooling, many factors come into play when looking at students and their achievements all throughout their 12 years of education until college. Student achievement is the measure of the academics a student learns within a quick time frame. Student achievement is an achievement worthwhile, once all is said and done. Students need to achieve within the school, or at least the early crucial developmental stages of our life because student achievement is the motivation that they feed off of to enlighten their future of eccentric possibilities. When a student doesn’t succeed or doesn’t perform as expected, three things may influence their achievement in school from their race, age, socioeconomic status and family structure. What is the right age to start school for younger children? Will with holding a child another year impact his or her achievement to succeed later in life? Research shows the positive and negatives to both sides, where delaying the child from school at an early age can negatively impact their achievement as a student (Cascio, 2008; Schanzenbach, 2007). Those who are older within a younger classroom setting were said to perform better than those being in the similar age classroom setting. As the previous statement has been proven to be false, due to a study where kids

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