We Ignore The Liberal Arts At Our Peril Summary

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I strongly agree with Alan Wildman’s article “We ignore the liberal arts at our peril” about the significance of a liberal art degree as the liberal arts and humanities maintain a crucial role in creating an active society that inspires and advances throughout different academic fields. Graduates of humanities and liberal arts have a better understanding of cultures and history and thus it creates a more open minded society and inspires scholars in other academic fields and prevents the society from repeating previous mistakes. Moreover, the liberal arts influence is the foundation of other fields as it provides the chance of thinking more actively and thus creates more original ideas that can be applied in other careers. For instance, authors write about fascinating gadgets in their fiction novels, which inspires scientists and engineers to create these inventions in real life. …show more content…

The absence the liberal arts’ creativity and critical thinking emphasizes its significance, as the lack of creativity would lead to many risks. Results of the absence of creativity would include: unfair leaderships such as dictatorships which restricts freedom of speech and expression, people being prisons of their own lack of knowledge, and even people with creativity and ideas would misuse their abilities in deceiving those who do not possess their abilities. These risks are highlighted in literary and artistic works like Pink Floyd’s song “Another Brick in the Wall” and M.T. Anderson’s novel “Feed”, in which humans are controlled by the authority due to their lack of creativity and their submission to the media or bandwagon. Thus, the STEM course cannot maintain the balance required for a creative society on its own without the “A” which makes a balanced course the STEAM

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