In This Paper I Will Be Discussing The Troubles Faced By

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In this paper I will be discussing the troubles faced by an individual who experienced depression as a teenager and even into their adult life. I will be exploring the experiences that they faced that may have lead them to depression and how these experiences may be attributed to other larger public issues.
The method in which we are going to be examining this issue is commonly referred to as the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination looks at the issues or struggles of an individual and examine the external factors that contribute to this issue. These external factors can be so impactful that they cause a large population of people to suffer from the same issue. As a result of this, sociologist will attribute these …show more content…

By this point their parents had noticed this self harm and stepped in. The parents quickly took steps to pursue professional help for their child through a variety of therapists to help address issues. Over time he began to do better and turn away from self harm and beginning open to seeking the help of others but his anxiety was still there. It wasn’t till he reached college that his anxiety was dealt with once he began to take anti depression medication.
In society depression has been an issue that has been ignored and kept quiet for years. A stigma has been placed on depression as something that is a mindset instead of a mental health issue. Especially for males, the concept of being overly emotional has long been frowned upon for males of all ages. Being emotional is commonly seen as unmasculine and young males are usually taught to keep their emotions to themselves.(Nemade, 2007) In a study done by the American Psychological Association, it is found that about 6 million men suffer from depression every year. The American Psychological Association is urging mental health care providers to take special action to address this issue since men are less open to seeing help for issues for mental health issues compared to women. In addition, since men have “higher risk of abusive anger, substance abuse, risky behavior and suicide.” addressing mental issues in men may

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