In Time: Move Review and Reflection

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For most this is an odd question to ask, but to others this is something that has been on their minds for their entire lives. I speak to those that have had to live their lives in poverty. I ask them do they have to accept that for some to be wealthy many have to be poor and struggle from day to day. Even those that are not in poverty see this as something that is ethically and socially wrong. So what will it take our society to change so that this is not a truth that governs our lives? With all of this in mind, most people reading are asking where these questions are coming from and why do they belong in a film review of a Justin Timberlake movie. The answer is that by changing monetary value into life expectancy, the points that made the movie a hit are the aspects that people living in the world are subject to. In the world of “In Time” if a change came to them that has the possibility for people to live forever, in this reality people would actually get the chance to start living without the restrictions of money or in this case get the chance to stop worrying about how much money they don’t have and forget that life is not subject to money or “time”.
At the beginning of the movie the opening credits states that this is a futuristic time period but slowly I realized that from our world and theirs is that the only difference is that instead of being poor, you run out of time.…
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