In Zora Neale Hurston’S Novel, Their Eyes Were Watching

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In Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the protagonist Janie goes through the strenuous journey of life continuously searching for love. From a young age Janie was awestruck with her distinct idea of love and marriage, and this idea would set her standards for her three marriages. Each marriage enlightened her with unique perspectives that would help carry her into the next relationship and then eventually a content lifestyle. Although each relationship proved beneficial in the end of Janie’s story along the journey there were times of conflict that would test the loyalty and strength of each relationship, but would help to lead to a happy life for Janie. Hurston develops conflict by weaving through each of Janie’s…show more content…
Janie admits that she could have no easier life than hers with Logan, but realizes that she feels nothing “magical” about the relationship like she was hoping for. Janie soon complains to Nanny about the love or the absence of love that she was experiencing with Logan, and Nanny tells her that love comes with marriage and will eventually burn a fire through her. As Janie continues through the marriage she finds herself in a very unhappy situation. Although Logan gave Janie the world and even more in some scenarios there was something missing for Janie. This unhappiness is seen because of Janie’s image of the ideal love to what was really happening in her relationship with Logan, and because he is not providing this for her Janie feels very unsure about the relationship. Janie had two choices when it came to her marriage with Logan, and they were either to listen to Nanny and hope for the best to come out of the relationship or to search for love in other avenues, and also to search for the happiness she desires. Because Janie decides to leave Logan this shows the importance of a quality relationship in Janie’s life and how this also affects her happiness and willingness to move on to the next marriage.
While Janie was at home alone one day without Logan, a courageous character, Joe Starks, crosses her path inquiring about Janie’s life. Janie explains to Joe
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