In support of the constructivist theory of education for future athletic trainers

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Educational philosophies differ from person to person. From behaviorist to constructivist and everything in between, the one thing they have in common is that they attempt to explain how people learn. This paper will explain why I tend to lean toward the constructivist theory of education and defend this theory using a variety of current literature. It is important to note that the theories that are talked about as educational theories are often looked at as both theories of teaching and learning; however most of these theories are not theories of teaching but rather learning (Baviskar, Hartle, Whitney, 2009). This may be especially true for constructivism where there can be a common misunderstanding of what constructivism actually is …show more content…
The ability to critically think is vital for athletic trainers who must make difficult medical decisions in extremely short periods of time. Teaching critical thinking skills starts early as students are introduced to athletic training and evidence based practice in athletic training. The students are asked to critically evaluate scholarly journal articles and use their research to create poster presentations on topics of their choosing (with direction from their instructor guide). During this project the students receive instruction on how to differentiate valid scholarly research from research that may not be as accurate or reliable. This helps them to learn critical thinking skills that will be valuable to them in the future. In addition to these types of problems, constructivist learning theory advocates the use of real world problems in the classroom. The ability to solve real world problems helps them to obtain the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed as an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers must also be able to collaborate with a variety of other individuals including athletes, coaches, physicians, and a number of other health care professionals in order to provide the best care for their athletes. This collaboration often takes place with the athletic trainer

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