In the Black: An African American History of Wall Street

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History is not expounded on in the Wall Street industry. Brokers are remembered simply on their sales or their big portfolios. The trials of how African American owned firms were founded and the triumphs and accomplishments that were made afterwards was written in an interesting narrative way by the author , Gregory S. Bell in In the Black: A African American History of Wall Street. Bell being the son of one of the first African American black owned member firm in the New York Stock Exchange, he emphasizes on the background stories of the works of the firms and entrepreneurs of the 20th century. In the book he gives references to validate his stories and research. His intent is shown throughout the book to persuade the readers to commemorate and recognize the history of African Americans on Wall Street.Being that Bell was born into the industry he obviously had some insight of the history of the African American pioneers of Wall Street. His research was supported by magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, personal stories and reference books. During the book he often had the argument of the reasoning that Wall Street was not succesful for African Americans due to the "good old boy" Caucasian system that was used for keeping African Americans out of the industry. Based on his findings in research and personal stories from his father I can agree with that partially. Sometimes during those times the industry was not doing so well. When the market was doing well the firms

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