Inadequate Voter Registration

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3. Inadequate Voter Registration
3.1 Multiple Registration
Multiple Registration is a huge challenge for holding a free and fair presidential election in Afghanistan. Voter registration process in Afghanistan is different as compared to rest of the world. According to the electoral law of Afghanistan, for presidential elections, the entire country is a single electoral constituency (Ministry of Justice, 2016, p.29). This means that a voter can register himself and vote in any voting station across the country. Therefore, voter’s lists do not exist in the voting stations, and the required documents are election cards that open entrance for voters to vote. According to ICG, 10.6 million Afghans were registered within Afghanistan and 740,000 special election cards were distributed to Afghan refugees in Pakistan in 2004(ICG, 2009, p. 15).
Later, in 2005, through a registration process, 1.7 million more elections cards added to the previously available voter cards. Similarly, in 2009, 4.4 million new voter cards were issued for those who supposedly were not registered before. With these new voter cards, a number of election cards in circulations reached 17 million. However, the eligible voters in …show more content…

Insecurity has negatively affected the whole electoral process, including voter registration, election campaigns, actual voting process, and counting. Poor security had its effects over registration process. For example, in the southern and southeastern regions, many registration centers were closed or the process of registration was limited (Fair, 2009, p. 5). In consonance with the rapid assessment review of the USAID (2014), upon reflecting over the extent of the existential threats, “the IEC followed the recommendation from the Ministry of Interior to close more than 10 percent of 7,000 polling centers before the 2014 presidential election day” (p.

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