Inappropriate Media Can Corrupt Innocent Children's Minds and Futures

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Inappropriate media can corrupt innocent children’s minds and futures. From ages 6 to 13 in the U.S, most children are accustomed to having cell phones and video games. (Hellmich, “Social media can help and harm kids.”) Electronics being a part of children’s lives almost everyday make children vulnerable to disturbing content, like foul language and violence. Even if the affected children will eventually face these problems when they get older, experiencing them while they are still young and more vulnerable can change them— and not for the better. Affected children learn aggressive behaviors, be influenced to do inappropriate activities, and get distracted from their academic goals, if parents neglect their responsibilities to protect them. Reports of these negative behaviors have been appearing ever since popular kids’ TV shows started to promote dating and stereotypical comedy. Therefore V-chips and parental guidelines were created, allowing parents to block and categorize TV programs and movies they don’t want their kids to see. Other similar solutions have worked effectively, but they do not prevent all harmful media from getting to children. The most promising solution is to encourage parents to be consistently involved in moderating their children’s time using media. Although it’s the parents’ decision whether to discipline their children, and parents don’t necessarily control their children’s lives, they are responsible for how their children’s lives will turn out to

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