Inca In Peru

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Inca is a civilization long lived before in ancient Peru between C.1400 and 1533 CE. Inca had the largest empire on planet Earth. Approximately twelve million people lived there before the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro invaded the Incan empire in 1532-1572. This fight has lasted for forty until it came to an end and the spanish had won and the former Inca lands had been incorporated and turned in Viceroyalty of Peru. The Inca people was very wealth they could afford hundred people if they wanted to. The Inca people had the greatest architecture The Incan people were not only great for their riches. The Inca people would make arts and crafts out of what they could find. They used natural resources to create arts that they did. Isn’t that cool. The Inca people who made the art was called Goldsmiths, feather workers, and tolects. You can still find Incas art in Peru in certain places.

-These were the goldsmiths who were Incas weavers they made Incas cloths and their cloth and the best fabrics. Inca was not
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They made feathery things to hang up for the king and to keep their status going with the finest clothing and arts.

The Toltecs were both goldsmiths and feather workers that is what they were called because Toltecs were credited with mastering nature.
Inca incorporated their best artistic creations in their offerings to the gods. Their production would be taken all parts to their empire and distributed.
This leads into their religion. Their religion was really unique let me tell you. In the Inca culture the act of cannibalism was always ritualistic and would be selected from all parts of the Inca empire in order to be trained and prepared for the ritual. They believed in the afterlife.

This shows that Ancient Inca had interesting existence. As a result the Inca lived a long a time ago. They had a great environment and could live off nature and natural resources and had interesting
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