Essay on Incest: A Short Narrative Story

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I stared at my slightly pale complexion in the mirror as I brushed my long blonde highlighted hair, a surging joy beyond any words was filling me as my dark blue eyes glowed with that radiance and I giggled. Getting up I shivered at the slight cold air thrashing down onto my bare wet skin while I hugged the towel tighter around my body. Showers always relaxed me when I was nervous. And today I was defiantly nervous. With a small excited and impatient sigh I looked to my clock for the time. “7:54pm huh? Hm maybe I have time?” I questioned with a playful grin “I so can’t wait! “ I squealed with delight and chuckled before glancing over to a picture frame beside my alarm clock. In the picture was me, a cute little brown haired blue eyed …show more content…

I knew she was pissed. Feeling the heat race to my face I turned away and grabbed my towel, covering myself as I avoided eye contact. “H-how long were you there mom?” I asked in a slightly timid and shamed voice. How long had she been there? I had no idea but I had an idea I was going to be lectured on how a proper young lady should act. With a clear disgusted look at what she saw, my mother sighed loudly and looked away frowning in frustration that her lectures had echoed off of deaf ears. “I've been here since you turned and dropped the towel I’m afraid to say” she said annoyed that she had been subjected to shush an un-thinkable show that took place in her daughter’s bedroom. Sighing myself I rubbed my eyes and dared a glance up at her “I’m sorry, I wouldn't have been so care free if I had known you were outside. I only did it because my bedroom door was shut I just” I was about to say before she cut me off with that hard toned voice of steel that she has. “I don’t care young lady for your excuses! …” she then gave me a soft look before she herself lowered her gaze, her memories more than likely stitching themselves back together after years of her effort to un-tangle them and destroy them. “There’s no guarantee that if she had been me and opened your door that she …wouldn't have relapsed… and attacked you.” She said softly.

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